Caring for normal skin: Here is a complete guide.

“Do you even need a skincare routine for normal skin?”. If the ‘normal’ has given you an idea that these skin types do not need a care regime, this article would be a perfect spoiler. The article discusses various queries that have been boggling beauty enthusiasts for a long time. “What is the normal skin type?”, “Will chemical cosmetics mess with your normal skin?” Are there any natural substitutes for cosmetics?” “ Is coconut oil good for your lips?”
Get all your queries answered in this article elaborately. Also, read a full list here to understand everything good for your chapped lips and what is not. Lips can be a crucial cause of concern for all skin types since no oil glands make them prone to excessive chapping. However, normal skin types worry not! This article discusses in detail the skin care regime you should be aware of. Before diving into the skincare routines, here are a few facts you must know about normal skin.

Normal skin type- a few general facts

Skins that are not overly dry or oily and do not show any obvious skin problems are categorized as normal skin types. The skin exhibits a uniform texture, even moisture & hydration levels, and overall, is regarded as a problem-free and well-balanced skin type. Here are a few characteristics of normal skin that make it well-balanced.

  • Normal skin has a healthy balance of water and oil that acts as an absorber and a regenerator.
  • The pores in normal skin are tiny compared to the large pores in oily skin, making an obvious difference.
  • The use of cleansers, balm, or even an oil cleanser does not make the normal skin dry or sensitive.
  • Normal skin types do not exhibit breakouts other than the ones contributed by make-up or hormonal imbalances.

However, exposure to pollution and UV rays can contribute to variations in normal skin, necessitating the need to care for these skin types. For example, oiliness and dryness are visible in normal skins that are exposed to sun and pollution. Here are eight ‘normal skin’ care routines that must be a part of your everyday life.

Eight essential normal skincare products

Cleanser: Experts advise the normal skin types to go for a product they prefer because normal skin goes well with all cleanser types- a cream, gel, or oil-based product. Stonecrop gel wash, Lemon cream cleanser, and stonecrop cleansing oil are some of the top cleansing products for normal skin types.
Toning: Toning is an important process post-cleansing, as these hydrates, moisturize, and provide essential nutrients to the skin. Hydrating facial mist is the best pick for normal skins.
Exfoliation: Or the process of removing dead skin cells comes next. Products like Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant are extremely good for normal skins that contribute a radiant skin.
Mask: The mask is suggested to smoothen and enhance the firmness of the skin. They also help in reducing wrinkles.
Serum: Protect your skin from harsh environmental stresses with antioxidant serums. The use of serums can minimize wrinkles and fine lines. Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum and Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum are two recommended serum products.
Moisturizer: An essential product that is a must carry for all skin types. They help keep the skin supple, soft, and safe. Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer, Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance, and Coconut Age Corrective Moisturiser are the few best moisturizers for normal skin types.
Eye cream: Eye creams are also necessary for normal skin that can help reduce dark circles.
Facial oils: Facial oils rejuvenate and revitalize the skin and must be used after or with the moisturizer to improve efficiency.