Five effective ways to optimize an adult website

Adult SEO is undoubtedly the most competitive niche online. Marketers find it extremely tough to drive traffic to adult websites despite being a highly flourishing industry. Fortunately, with adult SEO methods at work, adult websites are expected to boom in the coming years. It indeed is the best time to Buy Adult websites.

However, growing incidents of illegal trades in adult websites are causing great concerns in the adult industry. Businesses hence must keep an eye out on illegal trades that can disrupt innocent lives. Find out more on what led Canadian legislation to draft new policies to curb child pornography.

Continue reading about five adult SEO tools that can attract fabulous traffic to your adult websites.

Five SEO methods to drive great traffic to your adult website

The regular SEO way
Adult SEO works on the same principle as regular SEO. Great backlinks, relevant keywords, and a good user experience draws good traffic to adult websites as well. However, the trick lies in crafting smart content that other websites might share.

A fabulous marketing stint by a leading online casino last year saw huge traffic to their adult website, doubling the online revenue and also improving their user base. They had published a survey that was relevant at that time. The post garnered amazing views, with the online casino increasing its user base by a few ten thousand.

Smart content is the key. Craft content that is relevant and captures the audience’s attention.

Mobile centric SEO
Over the past couple of years, mobile devices have become the primary platform for accessing adult websites. Almost 1 in every five searches from mobiles is adult content. Hence, it is important to focus on a mobile-first SEO method to drive in more traffic.

With Google ranking factors promoting mobile-friendly websites in its top ranks, it is high time adult websites also focus on mobile-first SEO methods.

Some mobile-friendly features are:

  • Drop-down menus
  • Mobile responsive layouts
  • No flash and java apps
  • Avoiding Pop-up windows
  • Large fonts

Demographic and market research
Knowing your audience is the best way to create and market content. It is found that adult websites have greater patronage among:

  • The urban population where the internet is easily accessible
  • Well-off households are found to have higher adult website subscriptions
  • 15 to 24-year-olds are the largest subscribers

Targeting this possible demography can bring in adequate traffic

Tap the power of Social Media
Social media sites like Reddit and Twitter have Not safe to work boards, which allow users to upload their adult content. However, caution is advised while posting adult content on these social media platforms. It is recommended to add NSFW to avoid flags.

Search intent is the key.
It is important to understand the audience and their search intent to make sellable content. Consistent market research is the best way to study your prospective audience. Here are a few pointers that are found to be attracting a lot of traffic to adult websites:

  • Content without subscription or free content attracts a considerable adult website audience.
  • A huge share of smartphone users prefers downloadable content as many download adult entertainment content to their phones.
  • Pay per view is also rising in popularity, with 69% of adult content patrons subscribing to these plans.